Our services

Multi-dimensional in its offering, CET is growing in scope and scale and able to deliver on projects and concepts from the ground up, while meeting milestones promptly, exactly, efficiently.

Highways and Roads

CET builds highways and roads as part of Lebanon’s current and future mobility solutions allowing citizens to move freely, quickly, unhindered, and helping millions reach their destinations efficiently.

Viaducts, Bridges and Tunnels

CET helps Lebanese connect by arching over difficult terrain and burrowing deep into the ground, bridging access difficulties, opening new pathways, and easing transport of people and goods.

Dams & Lakes

CET is keenly aware of the need to collect, preserve, and administer the country’s richest of natural resources, its water, and is entrusted with the delicate task of building state of the art dams & lakes.

Treatment Plants for Sewer & Potable Networks

CET develops modern solutions for potable and sewage networks, constructing state of the art treatment plants and modern channels for the proper disposal and transport of water and waste.

Infrastructure Works

CET ensures residents are serviced with proper utilities, be it gas, water or power, deciphering complex underground networks and safely reconnecting with highly functional piping systems.

High Voltage Electrical Works

CET takes pride in helping deliver to Lebanese, factories and companies adequate power supplies, a job made more intricate due to the hazardous nature of dealing with high voltage electrical works.

Telecommunication Networks

CET lays infrastructure for high speed information superhighways, linking businesses and homes to fiber optic technologies, and helping people step on the gas towards a truly connected future.


CET is a builder of specialty superstructures, ranging from universities to schools, from hospitals to government offices, in support of country’s modernization efforts, heritage and cultural message.

Equipment & Machinery

CET owns and operates a large fleet of heavy equipment and machinery for its civil engineering works. In addition to its outstanding capabilities in classical construction scopes, the company can drill and blast hundreds of meters long tunnels and perform associated works like shotcrete, rock nailing, anchoring, wire meshing, and others. CET has an enormous rock blasting capacity in the order of thousands cubic meters per day.





Articulated Haulers

Tunnel Mucking Loaders

Wheel Loaders

Shotcrete Pumps

Hydraulic Surface Driller hero

Hydraulic Surface Drillers

Transit Mixers

Mobile Cranes


Jumbo Drillers



Tunnel Excavators

Batching Plants