Talent Management & Mentality

Veterans with diverse backgrounds and steeped in know-how, side by side with young blood packed with energy, bring about a powerful transformation by bonding past and present, mixing wisdom and trendy, welding tradition and innovation.
Lebanon’s challenging work environment, yet rich with human resources, necessitates creating an oasis where professionals can thrive and cultures can blend in a medium of seamless exchange of information and ideas, irrespective of backgrounds or affiliations.

Focus on New Generations

CET, a company immersed in history, is joining hands with young tech savvy professionals whose ideas, energy and bold initiatives are keys to taking the company forward on a path dedicated to chronicling excellence.

Engineering Community

CET invites professionals like you to connect, solve challenges and share knowledge for a better tomorrow. From sustainable development, to technology in construction, and the latest winning HR techniques, this engineering community is collaborative power in your hands, allowing you to receive support from peers and/or give something back.

Michel Choueiri


Michel Choueiri is the current CET Chairman, holder of a BS/MS Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the American University of Beirut and a BA Degree in Economics from the University of St. Joseph, Lebanon. He is considered an icon in the construction industry in Lebanon, with an experience spanning more than half a century. Throughout his professional life, he contributed to the development of engineering and construction fields in Lebanon. His knowledge and vision materialized in founding CET and propelling it to becoming a leading institution in the construction sector. His unique character was vital in his promoting and developing a fair and equal work environment that enriched CET with a diverse, harmonious and highly motivated workforce.

Gabriel Choueiri


Gabriel Choueiri is CET President, holder of a BS/MS Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the American University of Beirut. Having acquired a global experience working on very large and complex projects in the MENA, Europe and USA, he was a pioneer in integrating computer-based systems into the construction processes that revolutionized the engineering industry. As President of CET and with more than 50 years of engineering practice and construction management skills, he led CET to grow into a world-renowned institution. His leadership was essential in reinforcing CET with well-structured corporate governance, professional ethics and great values that would guarantee a bright future and success for generations to come.

Dany El Horr

Vice President

Dany El Horr is the current Vice President at CET, holder of a BS/MS Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor USA. Dany is a seasoned executive with more than 17 years of experience in managing major projects ranging from roads, highways, tunnels to infrastructure and telecommunication. In his 4-year tenure as VP, he has contributed to CET’s strategic progress and development. He is responsible to propose, communicate and implement the company’s strategy internally and externally. He has played a major role in turning CET into a leading construction company, equipping it with valuable capabilities in cutting edge technologies and highly efficient management procedures.

Karim Choueiri

Managing Partner

Karim Choueiri is a professional with over 15 years of comprehensive management and business development experience in a diversified array of public & private contracting projects. He has a strong background in procurement, negotiations, legal formations, cost/profit analysis and the development of a wide range of sustainable projects. He holds an executive MBA from the American University of Beirut and is currently the Head of Procurement & Business Development in CET. He is responsible for the development of organizational procurement and business development strategies, creating short, mid and long-term goals and objectives, identifying and realizing cost saving and cost reduction opportunities. Karim proved to be effective and efficient in communicating and managing people, solving problems, building proficient teams, training personnel, and conveying complex procedures in an understandable fashion. He is a leader at the executive level of the company and collaborates with all the business units and functional partners.

Karim El Horr

Head of Operations

Karim El Horr is the current Head of Operations at CET, holder of a BS/MS Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor USA. Having acquired a global experience with Bechtel-USA, he has Initiated the build of the all-encompassing CET ERP system and has systemized critical processes to ensure quality assurance and enhanced productivity. As head of Operations with more than 17 years of engineering practice and construction management skills, he is leading the execution of major Landmark Dams and Highway Projects in Lebanon with a mass scale approach coupled with state-of-art quality execution.

Elie Choueiri

Head of Architecture and Design

Elie Choueiri is CET’s head of Architecture and Design Department. He is a holder of BA in Architecture from the Lebanese American University. Since his graduation in 2001, Elie has held many key positions in CET prior to his lead role in his current position. He organized key technical seminars and workshops that merged the design concepts into CET management systems and processes. His contribution has been exemplary in implementing innovative ideas and concepts to enhance the aesthetics and styles of CET’s structures and landmarks’. Elie’s remarkable personality has been essential in consolidating CET directors and executives and his own ideas and strategies into CET’s corporate vision.

Raffoul Choueiri

Managing Partner

Raffoul Choueiri is the head of Construction Logistics Department at CET. He has accumulated more than 50 years of experience in the construction industry. Mr. Choueiri is responsible for the coordination of Construction Logistics support operations and logistics policy goals and objectives. His advice is crucial on a wide range of complex issues and problems. He established collaboration and partnerships with officials at all levels inside and outside the organization. He developed and relayed his Knowledge of Logistics operations and practices to his staff. Under his supervision, his team developed logistics plans, policies procedures and new programs to ensure CET compliance with its strict Quality management system.

Dania EL Horr Safa

Head of Administration & HR

Dania EL Horr is the current Administrative & HR Manager at CET. She is holder of a BS degree in Business administration from the Lebanese American University. With an experience exceeding 28 years at CET, she has participated in every aspect of developing CET's administrative structure in order to assimilate the managerial complexity that large-scale projects require. Her role was crucial in an array of skills, from performance assessment to recommending and implementing action plan strategies, to meeting HR needs and interdepartmental coordination, as well as communication and allocation of CET vendors’ budgets and payments.

Hoda El Horr

Head of Accounting & Finance

Hoda El Horr is the current Accounting and Finance Manager. She holds an MBA degree from the American University of Beirut as well as a Master’s degree in Computer Management from Saint Joseph University. She has more than 15 years of experience in managing and developing critical analytical tools vital for CET ERP systems and in developing CET quality management system. As the current Manager of CET’s Accounting and Finance Department, she develops, monitors financial policies and procedures and ensures compliance with regulations, tax laws, ISO 9001:2015 and industry standards. Her experience, creativity and integrity have proven to be crucial for CET’s perpetual success and evolution.