Symbolic of CET’s success are the very same roads and highways we travel on, the tunnels we pass through, the flood channels that protect us, the dams that store our water and the cables that power our lives.

Projects Powerhouse

CET is the go-to engineering, contracting and building firm for large scale public and private sector civil projects, with an impressive portfolio of works covering developments in all parts of the country. Founded on strong past and present corporate values and achievements, and having delivered celebrated projects, CET now embarks on a pioneering journey that embraces, at its core, innovation and sustainable development.

Project Feats & Facts

CET’s expertise and dedication to deliver avant-garde, complex projects with unparalleled accuracy, positions the company as a top specification provider with ability to meet the stringiest industry standards.


Janna Lake & Dam


  • RCC Dam, height 160 meters
  • One of the largest dams in the World

Pan-Arab Highway

$300 million

  • 20 km Motorway, 6 Viaducts
  • 9 Overpasses, 7 Underpasses
  • 5 Interchanges, 100 hydraulic structures

South Highway Zahrani - Qana

$175 million

  • 32 km Highway Construction

Optical Fibre National Backbone

$80 million

  • FTTH and OSP projects
  • Creation of a National backbone: FTTC, FTTO, FTTH
  • Mobile networks through 5000 km of Fibre Optics cables
  • Including all related civil works

West-Bekaa Wastewater Plants & Networks

$50 million

  • 200 km of wastewater networks
  • 15,000 m3/day of treatment capacity